Radial Power Supply 240V 15V 400ma suits Tonebone SGI Stagebug

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Radial 240V Australian Power Adaptor

This 240V AC 50Hz to 15V DC 400mA power supply with Australian 3 pin plug suits all Radial Engineering J Series and Tonebone Effects products except JDV.  Contact us for JDV Australian Power Supply.  Mains connector suits Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Argentina, Solomon Island, Papua New Guinea and China power outlets.

Suits the following RADIAL products; Back Track, Cherry Picker, Gold Digger, Stage Direct, Voco Loco, Twinline, Switchbone, Switchbone V2, Trimode, PZ-Pre, PZ-Deluxe. Plexitube, Key-Largo, Headbone VT, JX-42, Relay Xo, SW8, Bassbone, Bassbone V2, Bassbone OD, Headload, Headload Prodigy, X-Amp, EXTC-SA, J33, JDX48, J+4, MC3, Phazer, SGI, Studio Q, JD7, SB-48, SGI-44