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Shure AA Battery Carrier for  ULXD1, the P9RA, the P10R, and the UR5.

This carrier secures two AA cells (batteries) into the battery compartment of the ULXD1, PR9RA, P10R, and UR5.  Some brands of AA cells have slightly smaller dimensions than others. This plastic carrier properly positions the AA cells in relation to the battery terminals.  The carrier may not be necessary for all brands of AA cells, but its use is recommended as it assures proper battery terminal alignment.  The carrier is black plastic molded with the Shure logo and two "+" signs.  The carrier is 53 mm long and 31 mm wide.

Suggested Installation Procedure:

  1. On the inside surface of the battery door, take out the plastic adapter stamped with the word "REMOVE."   (This adapter is needed only when using AA cells not secured by the carrier.)
  2. Insert the two AA cells into the battery compartment.
  3. Snap the carrier over the two AA cells. The fit will be quite tight and firm.
  4. For some AA cells it may be easier to place them into the carrier first.

Shure 90A21673 95A22398 Battery Carrier

In July 2013, the part number of the carrier was 90A21673.  In July 2014, this number was changed to 95A22398.