Stick Hammock by Stevie D DiStanislao

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The Stick Hammock is an innovative product designed for drummers and percussionists that enables easy access to sticks, brushes, mallets, shakers, and more. This one-of-a-kind drum accessory is designed by a pro drummer and built in the USA.

Many drummers are often frustrated trying to find a convenient place to access their sticks, brushes, rods and mallets for easy switching during a performance. The most common place seems to be trap cases, kick drums and floor toms not to mention the old reliable beer cooler and camping seat.. ouch !! ....  Well, fear not, the solution is here ... The Stick Hammock
The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is definitely the case with the concept of the Stick Hammock. Created by a professional drummer, the Stick Hammock was carefully crafted and includes features such as the patented spring loaded crossbar, a flexible ballistic nylon top and adjustable aircraft aluminum stand. The design was not only to assist drummers in their performance but to also be portable, easy to set up and road worthy.

“I created my first prototype of the Stick Hammock while playing with David Crosby back in '98 and then continued to use that initial design for several subsequent tours. After years of re-designs, fine tuning and pulling out my hair, the Stick Hammock has finally taken the shape I had hoped for and it has become a vital part of my drum kit on my day to day work. 
“Whether I’m in the studio or out on tour with artists such as David Gilmour, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Don Felder, Kenny Loggins or Chris Robinson, my tools of the trade are always within reach when my Stick Hammock is close by. I think you’ll agree that once you try the Stick Hammock, you won’t want to play another gig without it “  And The Beat Goes On…...... Stevie “D” DiStanislao ~ Pro Drummer & Creator of the Stick Hammock

• PORTABLE  ~ Designed to fold up and wrap around itself for easy transport. The Stick Hammock comes in it’s own convenient carrying bag.
• EASY SET UP ~ The patented spring- loaded crossbar easily attaches to the stand which makes set up a snap.
• ADJUSTABLE ~The stand can be set at a comfortable 23” or raised up to 40” to fit your style.
• DURABLE ~ The sturdy aircraft aluminum stand and ballistic nylon top are guaranteed to last.
• ERGONOMIC ~ Contoured to fit next to any floor tom or drum on your kit. Designed to support ALL stick dimensions.
• BUILT IN POCKET ~ Keeps your brushes, sticks, mallets & drum key handy at all times.

THE STICK HAMMOCK HAS IT ALL. It’s great if you play a kit, or you’re a pit percussionist playing tympani and everything in between.