Canare Amphenol Solderless Cable

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This microphone cable enables you to have your microphone permanently wired inside your drum without having to solder or drill. The cable is assembled with a single connector and the supplied IDC (insulation displacement connector) can be fitted to the cable after it has been threaded through the drums port hole. This cable is assembled premium quality Canare microphone cable and Amphenol connectors. 

1. Install Kelly Shu mount as per supplied instructions.

2. Fit microphone to Kelly Shu.

3. Thread the cable through the drums port hole paying particular attention to the connector, female connector inside the drum to connect to microphone, male connector outside the drum to connect to the stage box or PA.

4. Follow the IDC instructions supplied with the cable. For these cables shield goes to pin 1, white to pin 2 and blue to pin 3.

5. Test the cable prior to use using a suitable cable tester to ensure that the pins all correspond at both ends of the cable. We recommend using a SoundTools Sniffer/Sender but any suitable cable tester or multimeter will suffice.