The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ shock-mount system for boundary microphones.

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Internal kick drum boundary microphones have always come with a challenge to keep them reliably in place inside the kick drum. Well, not anymore thanks to the Patented Kelly SHU FLATZ™ System. For convenience and sonic consistency from gig to gig, there has never been a microphone holder product on the market meant to support, stabilize and isolate these popular kick drum microphones until The Patented Kelly SHU FLATZ™ became available. Designed for use with 4 models of the most popular condenser boundary microphones commonly used for internal kick drum miking. No drilling is required for installation.

We offer The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ to fit the following popular internal kick drum boundary microphones;

  • Shure BETA 91 & 91A Microphones - also suits SE Electronics BL8 and Behringer BA19A
  • Sennheiser E901 Microphones
  • Older Shure SM 91 Microphones

 The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ System includes …

  • The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ Mounting Unit.
  • 4 Solid Rubber Isolation Rings.
  • 4 Leather Installation Loops.
  • Complete Pictorial Installation Instructions.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty.